Hi, friends! I'm the heart behind The Called Company and could not be more honored to have you take part in this wondrous journey. Here, you will find that leaning into hope and the Lord's promise is essential to rooting yourself within this glorious inheritance, His Kingdom. So of everything on this platform, I pray it offers you the courage to press past fear and live steadfast to your identity within the cross. Thank you for joining us while we share stories and foster communion, I am so glad that you are here! 

As for my story — I'm an incoming freshman at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, majoring in Exercise Science. Nearly four years ago; my perspective on life, faith, and myself drastically changed after being diagnosed with Familial Mediterranean Fever. Since then, I have come to see His glory in the most soul cleansing and life breathing way, realizing that the hope I'm running on — is nothing but the blood of Jesus.

By witness and testimony, I'm walking through these seasons of life (however imperfect and messy) knowing that there is always more to be had within the Kingdom. More life. More hope. More bread. So today and every day, I stand firm in my identity as a Christian, and work hard to give others; the same unfailing grace that God has nurtured me with, the hope of tomorrow's light, and the sanctity that life is reborn.

Let's get after Him and give back the very things He has redeemed in us, together. (1 John 3:16)


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Amanda is an observer, an explorer, a gleaner, and a teacher. A proud Canadian, she currently resides in the beautiful state of Michigan with her husband, where she enjoys ministry and the quiet way of small town living. To find out more about Amanda and her passions, visit her at, Twitter and Instagram @MapleAlps or even Facebook.


Erica Hadaway is 21 years old and a senior at Auburn University, majoring in Social Work. She also attends Highlands College, a Biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the church with leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. Erica is called to full time ministry, and is passionate about advancing the Kingdom by empowering individuals to “arise and shine" (Isaiah 60:1) while living to make every person, every moment and every day matter. She serves in Highlands Students, at Church of the Highlands, as the Experience Coordinator for ONE, a college ministry. She is the creator of Make It Matter - The Collective, a compilation of testimonies from individuals who are making it matter in their corner of the world. Erica is also passionate about adoption and foster care, and has served as an intern with Children’s Cup, a nonprofit organization, in Swaziland, Africa during the summer of 2015.

Erica has a love for travel! She has been to Paris, New York, Swaziland, and California, but dreams of traveling all around the world in an effort to share the love of Jesus with everyone she meets. Upon graduation, she is looking forward to seeing God’s plans unfold in her life. While waiting, she desires to empower and equip the people that are placed before her, and trusts God with her future. She believes in the vision and mission of The Called™ initiative because she recognizes that this generation is in need of redefinement in hopes to empower them to know who they are in Christ. Her prayer is that as she and others are vulnerable in both successes and failures, that eyes will be opened, lives will be changed, and stories redeemed.


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Hey friends! My name is Julia Marie, I'm a part time photographer and full time disciple. I have a creative soul, enjoy heart to hearts, and never go a day without eating a taco...or more hehe.

Jesus changed my life a few years back and I haven't been the same since! He has allowed me to use my creativity to reach His lost people. I joined The Called Company because I've got a heart for equipping believers how to grow in their relationship with Christ AND to simply encourage those who are struggling with their walk with Jesus or who are just stuck in a season. My hope is that my snip-its from these little blog posts will speak to you and that YOU (yes YOU!) will just feel overwhelmed with the love of Christ.


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I’m Allie – a lover of words, Jesus, people and the color pink. When I don't have my nose stuck in a book, you can find me with pen in hand, whether writing history papers for my master’s degree or telling stories – I'm a big believer in the value of both. God’s been teaching me the past few years that writing is a way for me to learn truth about what it’s like to be ever falling in love with my life and my Lord, and it’s something I love to share. I’m excited to be a part of The Called Company team because I’m all about finding grace for the past, freedom for the present, and hope for the future in Christ – and that process is so much sweeter when we do it together!


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